• Products Overview
    Discipulus™ 5.2 ships with advanced functionality for data preparation and solution analysis
    Notitia™ data preparation module
    • Import from text, Excel or Database Connection
    • Automatic Outlier Detection and Handling
    • Automatic missing value detection and handling
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Data scaling and transforms
    • Sophisticated data splitting
    Discipulus™ Genetic Programming Modeler
    • Wizard driven configuration
    • Live in-run statistics
    • Automatic team/ensemble model creation
    • Fitness functions for any problem type
    • Edit, analyze, and optimize the evolved models
    • Automatic input selection
    Solution Analytics™ graphing and analysis module
    • Sorted and unsorted regression fit
    • Quantile-Quantile plots
    • Predicted vs Target Plots
    • Residuals Plots
    • Normal Probability Plot
    • Confusion Matrix
    • ROC Charts
    • Probability Charts
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